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Is it ok to work in the same place as your boyfriend?

Is it ok to work in the same place as your boyfriend?

The short answer is: it depends… First, you need to find out what your company policy is like. Some companies let you date other employees unless that employee is your supervisor or you are supervising that person. Some companies have a no dating policy all together.

The supervisor thing is based on power and control. A supervisor will always have more power in a company than a standard employee. Some companies/organizations find it unethical for a supervisor to date an employee. Not that I would or my supervisor would, but my supervisor would be fired if he tried to date me and I would be if we started dating.

Once you have that answer you need to consider what would happen if you two are working together and you two break-up. I know when you are happy in a relationship it is difficult to see the consequences of breaking up (mostly because you do not think you will break-up,) but it can happen and you should think about that before working with a partner.

I have worked with two partners in my life. In one of the relationships it went fine. In the other, I got broken up with and spent the better part of two weeks crying every time we had to work together. Luckily, neither of our personalities is combative but fighting while working can happen. One or both of you could be fired.

Also, as much as you believe you want to spend every day all day long with your partner, you don’t. Healthy relationships need time away. If you are going to work with your boyfriend, make sure to work some shifts when he is not working. If you work the same schedule, you may not want to spend time together when you get back to your personal life.

Finally, if you do decide to work with one another-try to leave work at work. I know it will be difficult not to gossip about fellow employees and talk about what a jerk your supervisor has been but you owe it to your relationship to share other interests. Make sure you two still have activities outside of work to discuss.

Now that I have given you a bunch of cons, make a pros list. Put them both together and then talk to your boyfriend about it before making the plunge.

Good Luck!

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