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I am homeless. Who can help me find a place to stay?*

I am homeless. Who can help me find a place to stay?*

Finding yourself homeless without a place to stay is very scary. Fortunately, there are numerous resources to assist you. The tricky part is finding them. My first suggestion is to always call the United Way Helpline in your area, which can be done by dialing 211. Make sure to tell them where you are, your age, and gender. They will give you several referrals to places that may be able to assist you. There are also agencies that work with the GLBT community that may be able to point you in the right direction as well.

In Houston you can call:
Gay Lesbian Switchboard Houston713-529-3211

First, try asking your friends or extended family members if you can stay with them. If there is no one- until you find a place to stay- it is important to try to stay as safe as possible. Stay near lighted areas and public buildings, such as a homeless center or library. On the HATCH website, you can find almost all of the information you will need. Here is the link:

I also want to tell you a little bit about the dangers of being a homeless youth. There are a lot of people who will promise you a safe place to live and tell you that they want to be in a relationship with you. People who try to pick up people who are homeless are trying to exploit them in one way or another. Often times, what will start out as someone trying to help you will turn into a situation where you will be responsible to pay them back; often with money made from you being forced to sell sex. Another trick is to offer you drugs to get you hooked. Once that happens you are more likely to begin selling yourself for money to get more drugs. This can make it extremely difficult for you to move forward with your life and you may get stuck living on the streets or trading sex for drugs or a place to sleep. It is important to find a safe place to live as soon as possible.

If you are approached, try to get to a safe place until they leave you alone. Do not talk to them. If a car approaches you, walk in the opposite direction the car is pointed and try to get in a safe place, like a grocery store, hospital, or retail store. And always remember that adults do not need help from children or teens. Do not assist in finding lost animals, people, and/or items.

Please reach out for help as soon as possible!
Take care,

*question modified to fit format of website. For a more specific answer, consult local agencies.

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