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I have a love problem and it’s awkward. Can you help me?
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I have a love problem and it’s awkward. Can you help me? We met a long time ago and I was in love. He knows I liked him too. I kissed him once too. It’s been a few years and we met again. What do I do? I haven’t talked to him and I’ve been avoiding him. I need help pronto. Can you help?

Why are you avoiding him? If you are still in love with him, pretending he doesn’t exist is not going to get you anywhere.

At some point he seemed to like you too. Remind him of why he liked you by showing him again how awesome you are. Joke with him, flirt, and most importantly-be you!!

I know it is easy to love from afar and it can actually feel good to create your own secret world of unrequited love, but if you truly love this guy, you have to put yourself out there. You have to say hello and talk.

Talk to him.

The other thing is that you may think you still love him, but he has grown since the last time you spoke to him. You may find you don’t actually like him anymore. It is entirely possible you will start talking to him and realize that you have romanticized who he is to the point that reality is completely different.

Talk to him.

Talk to him!

Good Luck!

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