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When will you be at HATCH again?
Friday, November 14, 2014.
I hope to see you there!
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Do you know of any good, gay, -18, night -clubs in Houston?
I have never heard of one but that does not mean they don’t exist. I looked all through the web and I have not found a teen club that says they are gay friendly.
What I can do is ask all those gay teens [...]

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Are there any youth groups like hatch in the South West Houston area?
I am so glad you want to go to a group and be a part of a LGBT social group. Unfortunately, I am not aware of one on your side of town.
We would love to see you at HATCH and hope you [...]

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Why do schools and colleges allow students to curse and why doesn’t anybody realize it is hurtful? I was walking by and a college boy and his parent told me f*** y**” for no reason. That really hurt me to see this type of behavior and I want to understand why do students [...]

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Why are people obsessed with celebrities’ lives and mishaps? Well, today, a guy at a party was talking too much about a celebrity and me and my boyfriend basically asked him “why are you obsessed with this guy’s personal business. It’s none of yours?” He stopped after being told to do so. It [...]

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Why become a doctor?
I assume you want to become a medical doctor. There are many kinds of doctors. If you excel in almost any field you can become a doctor. I am a social worker and I can become a doctor of social work.
People who are interested in being a medical doctor are exceptional in [...]

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My mom expects me to be a doctor or lawyer but I really LOVE music, singing, and modeling. I have kept my dreams of doing those things from her and I’m afraid if I tell her then she won’t support me. What should I do?
When I was growing up my parents wanted me to be [...]

I’ve been talking to this guy for a while now. We now have started college he said he loved me, we kiss, and he said he’ll always have my back. We do a lot of things together. The only thing is he has a girlfriend back home in Philadelphia. What should I do & what [...]

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Well I moved here almost one year and I don’t have one friend. Do you know where I can go to make new friends, HATCH is in English and my English is pretty bad?
Google Translator
I am sorry but you did not tell me what language you speak and I don’t want to guess. [...]

Hi, Allie! I’m an 18-year-old bisexual male who has just graduated from high school. You should know that I am semi-open. A lot of my close friends know about me and I’m pretty sure my sexuality has been the topic of conversation between my previous classmates. This doesn’t bother me. I just don’t go around [...]

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Hey Allie so it’s me again. With the girl I like. I’ve been flirting with her heaps. And she never does this even to her closest friends…she sent me a heart last night (

I met this girl three years ago and since then she has become my best friend. We talk over video chat every night and we always talk for hours and make each other laugh. But when she is around her cousin Nikki she acts very different. She is less happy and sweet, to me [...]