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This girl was my best friend. In fact I was her first friend when she moved here about 2 years ago. We did everything together at 1st and then went through a few fights and we are good now but now she never wants to hang out and is across the street from me and [...]

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I’m 17 years old. I’m a female to male transgender. I live in Splendora, Texas. For a while now I’ve been losing all my friends because I’m getting more comfortable with expressing who I am and they aren’t accepting. I want to make new friends like me. Other teens in the LGBT community, but I [...]

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I’ve noticed that my sort-of-best friend for 5 years and I have been getting more distant recently. She has also become really mean sometimes. For example, if I forget to bring something or don’t understand something because of my language barriers, she’ll say, “Ohmygosh, why are you so STUPID!?” She has never been like this [...]

How do I stop being bitchy to the guy I use to like? He and I were good friends last term and we would talk a lot but ever since he found out I like him I started avoiding him, now we barely talk. I want to be friends again and I want him to [...]

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I am really lonely. How do I get some friends?
I am really sorry you are lonely. That feels miserable. Hopefully making friends will help you feel less lonely. For this list, I am going to assume you are a teenager.
Here are some ways to make friends:
1. Join a sports team
2. Get involved in your community-volunteer for [...]

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Hello Allie, where can I find other gay teens like me in my area?
Hi! I am not sure. You forgot to tell me where you are!
If you live in Houston, though, you can come to Hatch Youth. There are a lot of really awesome teens who go there.
If you don’t live in the [...]

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I use to have a best friend, but she changed to a mean person, so I got a new best friend. And now my ex best friend is spreading rumors of me and my new best friend. I’ve tried confronting her and things keep getting worse! I’ve told my new best friend about it and [...]

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How can I know if a friend or just if anyone in general likes me?
This is a great question.
I used to wonder this myself until I started to pay attention to the people in my life.
The best way to tell is to pay attention to how people engage with you.
They will:
-They communicate [...]

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Hi Allie, I’m in a dilemma. My best friend’s ex-boyfriend kissed me on the cheek yesterday evening. I don’t know what that kiss meant. We hung out
yesterday, and right at the door, before he was gonna leave, he said “can I get a hug?” I said ‘sure’. So I stepped outside the door, real quick, [...]

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My school is so full of drama that I choose not to be a part of it. Why is school so full of drama and do you have any tips for me to further avoid
I applaud you for this question and not wanting to be a part of this issue!!!
Anytime people are together in [...]

Should I try pursuing a relationship with one of my guy friends? I am not out of the closet, but I have this crush on one of my good friends, and I’m not sure whether he feels the same way. He has a girlfriend, but he also kind of flirts with me and definitely acts [...]

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I’ve been told that I flirt with my best friend but I don’t have feelings for him and he is taken. Everyone says he doesn’t like her and is only dating her to make me jealous. We used to like each other but I stopped liking since he dated his girlfriend. My teacher told me [...]