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Recently, my grades have been falling in school. I recently got dropped from one of my college classes and in order to retake the class, my parents have to pay $500. My mom is threatening to kick me out of the house. She told me that I need to start thinking about where I am [...]

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I’m 250lbs and 14 y/o. My gym teacher is making me run a mile with three other people in front of the whole class! I can run the mile. I usually cheat laps but the teachers are counting them! What should I do to convince them to not make me do it?
I hate running, so [...]

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What should I do? My teacher said she caught me smoking and she didn’t. She went and told my flag coach and I got kicked out of it. The thing is that she never sent me to the principal or anything. I’m not in trouble. Should I tell the principal so I can make the [...]

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My school is so full of drama that I choose not to be a part of it. Why is school so full of drama and do you have any tips for me to further avoid
I applaud you for this question and not wanting to be a part of this issue!!!
Anytime people are together in [...]

Should I try pursuing a relationship with one of my guy friends? I am not out of the closet, but I have this crush on one of my good friends, and I’m not sure whether he feels the same way. He has a girlfriend, but he also kind of flirts with me and definitely acts [...]

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I have been coming down with various illnesses from school. It is due to the heat and the school does not have adequate a/c and the fans are constantly breaking down and not working properly. I’ve told my parents-they told me to suck it up. The school also told me to suck [...]

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Are college review websites always trustworthy? I am looking into colleges and some of the sites have untrue information and even ask for my information. What is your opinion on this?
You know, I have not really spent a great deal of time on review websites, even when I was getting ready to go to [...]

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My mom threatened to kick me out before the end of the year and send me to my dad’s, which is two hours away. I’m on my third high school and I really love it. I don’t want to switch schools again, especially not just for my senior year. Is there anything I can do [...]

I’m 24yrs old. I live in FL and I’m being kicked out of the house. I’m going to college. Where are places I can go? My fiance lives an hour away I can’t live at his house due to his Grandma. My dad’s house isn’t built yet what should I do? Please help.
My suggestion is [...]

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I am scared of going to a new school and I do not know what to expect. Any ideas? Thank you!
I moved schools a lot. I hated it. I would have just settled into one school and would have friends and then my family would move and I would have to go to a new [...]

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Some college people, including recruiters have found a way to get into my email illegally and start sending me information about schools and then they ask for my personal information. I find this wrong-I never gave anyone my personal information so why did this school get my email without my parents
and mine consent?
When I [...]

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Why is celebrity gossip allowed during classes in schools? I went to one school in which it was tolerated and students were even allowed to take
class discussions off topic in favor of celebrity mishaps. I asked one teacher why it is acceptable to waste class time on inappropriate topics and gave me an [...]