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What are the people at hatch like? I desperately want to go, but I’m a little bit nervous. I have a somewhat low self-esteem when it comes to my appearance, and I don’t want people to…well…judge a book by its cover.
HATCH is wonderful place to be exactly who you are! And there are no judgments. [...]

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Dear Allie. I’m not sure what your religion is, if you even follow one, but I have recently found out that some friends of mine are Wiccan and that people have offended them and upset them before. I find it difficult to support them and comfort them when they are upset as I know little [...]

Hey Allie! Listen I have this friend named A and she’s been dating this guy Andrew. They’ve been dating for a couple weeks. We are all freshman. Recently I’ve been noticing how much Andrew flirts with other girls. He’s sent me pictures on Snapchat of him and this girl L under the covers in her [...]

My best friends hate each other because of their complicated past, but we three are supposed to be organizing a new school GSA. I’m tired of being their middleman… help?
First, I am super-excited that you three are taking on starting a GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)! That will be so good for your school! Thanks!!!
As for your [...]

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My Cat Sleeping.

Are you real?
Yes! As a matter of fact, I have found out recently how real I am. I have been moving from one apartment to another. Carrying the boxes has left several bruises on my arms, my cat got under my feet and I fell down some steps and scraped and twisted my ankle. I [...]

How can you tell if someone is Gay/Lesbian?
Before I answered this question, I wondered if others have answered it on the web. I just stuck the question into the search engine and came up with some pretty silly answers and some not so silly-rather homophobic-answers.
The truth is you cannot tell by looking at someone [...]

I have a friend in Houston TX. She needs help. She’s drug addicted and working the streets. She wants help. Where or who can she contact?
This is a great question and I am glad she has a friend like you who is concerned enough to ask for resources for her.
First, to get her off the [...]

I hate going to school, because a numerous amounts of reasons… Once, this girl that everyone hates called me a slut for no reason, and this was in November, then in December, the same thing happened, only from a different girl, and she added on whore, and little Emo bitch, and I’m sick of the [...]

Is there any way HATCH would consider meeting on Saturdays? Tuesdays and Fridays are hard with sports, and Sunday night isn’t good with school the next morning. Saturdays would be really convenient.
Thank you for your suggestion. I shared it with the coordinator of HATCH, who told me that the days have been chosen because they [...]

I want to know how to stand up for people who are being bullied for being gay. I went to a ballet camp and some of the girls said to one of the boys: “Boys who dance are gay so you must be gay,” as if they could seriously tell and as if there is [...]

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I am not gay but would sincerely like to know how I can be of help to the gay community. I believe in letting people live their lives without judgment. Where can I volunteer?
I love this question because the answer has so many possibilities and because it shows that people like Lisa, who asked the [...]