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I’m 18 and trying to move out of a toxic environment (my mother is emotionally abusive and her husband is mentally/emotionally/even sexually abusive) but my mom is threatening to report me as a runaway if I try to leave. I graduate in 4 months, I have a safe place to stay, but I don’t have [...]

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My partner died and the house short sold. I have 3 adopted pets in Portland Maine, and no money left to feed us. I was with my partner 13 years. I am going back for training to get a good job in phlebotomy. I am still grieving and depressed. Help me.
I am so [...]

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I am in need of your help. I am 18 so i can legally move out. I am waiting till the summer to do so. The one tricky thing is that I need to find a cheap place to stay. I have a job and can aford to pay rent but not what everyone is [...]

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My mom kicked me out then called me in as a run away. What can I do?
I am sorry to hear that you and your mom are not getting along. I know that can be very painful and confusing.
As far as your question, she is supposed to care for you until you are the [...]

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So, I need help with my mother. It might be a cliche question but she pushes me to do so much. All the time! I know that it is for the best but sometimes I cannot take it anymore. When I go talk to her she just either calls me a quitter and says I [...]

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What do you do if you get kicked out at age 16 and you go live with someone who’s a friend of the family and your mom tries to report you as a runaway?
First, I am glad you have someone to stay with.
If your mom reports you as a runaway, you will likely be [...]

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This girl was my best friend. In fact I was her first friend when she moved here about 2 years ago. We did everything together at 1st and then went through a few fights and we are good now but now she never wants to hang out and is across the street from me and [...]

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Are there any very detailed book about transitioning for ftm? I’ve looked through the and some other websites but I want more info. I’ve also read the Gender Book. Anything you recommend?
I am glad you are doing research. It seems like you have a lot of questions from the other submissions I received from [...]

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Is my grandmother in heaven?
I hope so. I am sorry you lost your grandmother. I know it hurts to lose someone we love. (HUGS)
I just lost my grandmother. She died a few weeks ago and I miss her a lot. She was wonderful and I loved her very much.
I hope she is in heaven [...]

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I’m 17 years old. I’m a female to male transgender. I live in Splendora, Texas. For a while now I’ve been losing all my friends because I’m getting more comfortable with expressing who I am and they aren’t accepting. I want to make new friends like me. Other teens in the LGBT community, but I [...]

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Hi Allie. I’m a 13 year old girl and I really like this girl in my neighborhood and I know she’s bi. I really want to ask her out but I don’t know how. Help?
Have you thought about trying to be her friend first? Lots of romances blossom from friendships. Also, it will give you [...]

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My (ex) boyfriend moved to another state and broke up with me because he doesn’t like long distance. He is being very rude to me and he’s treating me like crap. I would move to his state if he wanted me to… I don’t know what to do. What can I do to make him [...]