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I feel ugly because I don’t have straight hair. How do I look like the other girls in school?
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I feel ugly because I don’t have straight hair. How do I look like the other girls in school?

Well, first, full disclosure: I don’t have straight hair either. And I love having texture in my hair because it balances out my face! So, I may not be the best person to ask but I will try my best to be objective.

I am sorry you don’t like the way you look. I know that feeling and it feels awful!

If you believe that having straight hair will make you feel better about your appearance, I suggest telling your parent or guardian that you are feeling that and ask them to let you go for a blow out or temporary straightening treatment to see if having straight hair actually suits your face.

If it does, then ask about making the change more long-term.

If it doesn’t then you may want to see about finding styling products or a cut that gives you a stand out style. For instance, I have this friend who has really tight curls that she lets go wild and then she puts a bow above her ear. It is totally cute and she gets a ton of compliments!

The key to being regarded as beautiful is being confident however you look, which is easier said than done. People have a tendency to admire others who seem to feel comfortable with who they are and regard little what others think about them.

You can show confidence by standing up straight, looking at people in the eye and smiling.

Even if you do not feel confident to start, practicing these skills may help you start to feel confident, so try them for a week and see what happens!

Confidence is not shown by bragging about yourself or tearing yourself down. Hurting others including yourself, in the quest to feel better will eventually tear at your confidence. Try not to mistake someone hurting others while elevating themselves as a sign of confidence. It is actually a sign of insecurity.

I hope you know that you are beautiful however you are!

Take Care!

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