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I’m 14 y/o and I am wanting to start my transition from Female to Male. What would T do?
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Hi, I’m 14 years old and I’m wanting to start my transition from Female to Male. I wanted to start testosterone, but I would like to know a lot of what it would do. I know it makes my voice deeper and makes me grow more hair. Is there anything else I should know beforehand?

Hello. I am glad you have started the process of looking into transitioning. This is a very exciting time for you!

There is actually a lot for you to know about testosterone. Aside from the changes to your outward appearance, there can be changes to your body and the way you perceive the world.

There are a lot of websites from people who have started T that I suggest you look through. Every person’s body is different. I Googled “Testosterone Changes FTM” and found some great homegrown websites with individual experiences that were interesting to read.

The first thing you will probably want to do is consult a doctor to see whether you are a candidate for T and that it will not effect any other system in your body. If you are a good candidate, ask your doctor to explain the physiological effects on your body and what may result. It can be sometimes really hard to tell until you are in the process.

For instance, some people have their voice drop right away and some people do not experience a drop at all. Most develop more hair on the face, legs arms and back but they start lose hair on their head. Some never lose hair. Some people feel a heightened sexual desire, some feel it is the same. Some people feel their emotions differently and others say they feel the same.

The good news is that whatever the case is for you, your personality and who you are at the core, should stay the same.

I would like to suggest that you think about engaging a therapist to talk to while you are going through the first few months of T, so that you have someone who is unbiased (pick a knowledgeable, friendly therapist-like the great folks at the Montrose Center) who will listen to you and give you support during this transition.

Finally, there is a book I would like to recommend for you called “Trans Bodies, Trans Selves” ed. Laura Erickson-Shroth.

I wish you all of the love and support you deserve!

Take Care!

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