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I am an MTF woman and I want to know how to live stealth, where to live, and how to control my information.
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I’m a MTF woman I want to know how to live stealth in the future. Is there trans* friendly country that I can live? I also plan to be a famous writer but how can I hide my history?

Thanks for writing in!

At first I was not sure how to answer all of your questions because they are so broad and require a lot more knowledge about you than you provided.

My suggestion is to use your talent as an author to find the answer to how to live stealth in the future. Every great writer has to research their subject in order to write authentically about their characters/subjects. In order to find out how to be stealth in a way that is comfortable to you, I suggest you start by interviewing people you know in the community and ask them for referrals to people they know who have transitioned. You can also find information online about myths and facts, other people’s stories, and tips.

As far as trans* friendly countries, that may be hard to compile because even if a country has a good reputation, each city in each country may have different attitudes. I suggest that you make a list of cities you would like to live in and can work in (passport/VISA, etc.) and then research the cities laws and culture. That should help you narrow down what is right for you.

When you are ready to start publishing your works, surround yourself with a good team of publicists and lawyers who will help you with non-disclosure agreements and information about you on the Internet.

Finally, realize that you have a right to live as you are and that you deserve respect and love.

Good Luck!

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