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My friend is 14 and is wanting to live at my house. My mom is fine with it but he doesn’t want my mom to call his mom. He wants to live with me because he says his mom and dad are to controlling. What do I do?
You and your friend need to let [...]

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How do my parents and I complain about a program that is not disabled-friendly and ADA complaint? We were using this program and the program was very confusing and did not accommodate me because of my disability? Any tips for my parents and I?
I am not entirely familiar with the law and you [...]

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I met this lesbian girl on a dating web site and she sends me pics of her boobs, which is fine, but she keeps on asking for my address then says she has a knife to make me love her, so I deleted my profile but now she keeps texting me. My parents do not [...]

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At school only a few people know I am gay (close friends) but now kids are starting to suspect things. I don’t want the school to know. I don’t really care if kids know. I really just don’t want word to get to teachers. Can you help?
This is a tricky question. I am not sure [...]

I’m writing to you regarding to a friend of mine. She is in deep trouble but won’t seek professional help. That’s why I decided to do so for the
simple fact that I feel stumped. She broke up with her boyfriend a month ago. He treat her really disrespectfully and they were constantly fighting until she [...]

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My boyfriend hurts me so much. I need advice.
What kind of advice do you need?
It is easy for me to tell you that relationships are supposed to be healthy and you should enjoy your relationship.
However, realistically, I know that is easier said than done. It is not always easy to leave a relationship, especially, [...]

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Me and my boyfriend want to keep our lives private from strangers. We do talk to our friends about how our relationship is going and that is fine, we both know these people and feel comfortable talking to them. But what irks me is when strangers want to get nosy and spread rumors [...]

I am in love with someone (male) and he does not know it. We are not close. I think I am going crazy. I cannot even sleep at night. What should I do?
If you are not sleeping and you are finding that you can’t stop thinking about him, it may be time to go and [...]

I’m 10 and I want to run away and live with my nan. What shall I do? Because if I go to my nan, she will take me back to my house with my mother. I can’t stand my mother so I want to live with my nan HELP!!!!!!
There is not much you can do. [...]

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Okay, so I was wondering if you had any suggestions about this type of thing: I’m gay, and I’m out, to my friends. My problem is that I want to get into the dating world, but I’ve no idea where to start. I don’t know how to distinguish a person who would like me from [...]

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I am adopted and where I stay there these parents don’t treat me as their own child. They always fight and I don’t like that. I am irritated and pissed off. Can you help me please? They always hurt me they say me get out from the house we don’t want you to die and [...]

My friend’s mom wants to have sex with me. I know she’s really sexy but should I do it? She likes touching my privates when my friend is away. I am 16, she’s 33.
It sounds like your friend’s Mom has a problem. And I can only tell you to stay as far away from her [...]