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I’ve always wanted to be a YouTuber. One problem, I’m really shy and socially awkward… Have any advice?

How fun!
There is a trick to being a YouTuber. Practice! Practice! Practice!
You are in control of the content you post, so you have the ability to practice, create content you feel good about and then post it [...]

Allie I need help….I enjoy dressing Female and it even makes me a happier person. I really don’t enjoy labels but in a sense to help me figure this out I can make an exeption. I really do like dressing, female makeup and all. What do you think? I really don’t know and it bugs [...]

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I am scared of going to a new school and I do not know what to expect. Any ideas? Thank you!
I moved schools a lot. I hated it. I would have just settled into one school and would have friends and then my family would move and I would have to go to a new [...]

A week ago my step brother saw a lot of fresh cuts on my wrists, he hit me and said he was disappointed, then he kept asking why. A little later he just held me there when I was crying because of all of that. I didn’t tell him why, and I’m afraid to. He’s [...]

I have liked cross dressing for many years. Does this mean I might be trans?
The answer is…it is up to you! Trans or transgender is a label. There are some people who cross dress that label themselves as transgender and then there are people who cross dress who don’t label themselves.
Either way it is [...]

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I’m having issues with my social/love life. I feel so lonely. I’ve recently lost touch with my friends, not sure if it was because I was diagnosed with depression, I feel as if I don’t belong anywhere, part of the loneliness is feeling like the only gay kid and not having “that special guy”. I’m [...]

Hi Allie. Clothing and pronouns do not concern me personally, but I am at odds with my body. For about 3 years I have considered getting my breasts removed or greatly reduced to achieve harmony with my body through a more androgynous/agendered appearance. Yet I have never heard of a person going from female to [...]

What are the people at hatch like? I desperately want to go, but I’m a little bit nervous. I have a somewhat low self-esteem when it comes to my appearance, and I don’t want people to…well…judge a book by its cover.
HATCH is wonderful place to be exactly who you are! And there are no judgments. [...]

I am in love with someone (male) and he does not know it. We are not close. I think I am going crazy. I cannot even sleep at night. What should I do?
If you are not sleeping and you are finding that you can’t stop thinking about him, it may be time to go and [...]

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I like this guy but he only texts for nudes when I’ve made it clear I don’t want to send him any. I for some stupid reason like him and can’t get over him. But I’m so angry and pissed when he is perverted. I get all worked up when he chats or texts [...]

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Am I worthless?
I am going to caps this because you need to really, really understand this!
If someone tells you this, they are being cruel and selfish!
You have worth. YOU HAVE WORTH!
There are going to be people in this life who drag you [...]

I have this friend and me and him are on and off boyfriend and girlfriend. Now he’s with this other girl but they are having problems but he said he still likes me. He flirts with me all the time. Should I just make a move on him and just kiss him because I want [...]