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I feel ugly because I don’t have straight hair. How do I look like the other girls in school?
Well, first, full disclosure: I don’t have straight hair either. And I love having texture in my hair because it balances out my face! So, I may not be the best person to ask but I will [...]

I have been ’speaking’ to this guy for like a year and we get on really well, he’s a close friend now but he’s asked ‘nips for nips’ three times. I would never send pictures and I get really angry when he asks and he knows that by the way I react but he still [...]

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I took a “what’s your real gender” quiz and got 93% female & 7% male. I am currently male. What might this mean?
This means absolutely nothing. I took the test and the questions are really generic and also kind of sexist.
Don’t judge what your gender is by stereotypes. All that quiz was is a [...]

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I just want to remove my breasts?
I have actually heard this from a few people this week. So, you are not alone.
My suggestion to you is to begin the process by seeking out a therapist to help you. Doctors rarely will do top surgery without a therapists approval, so this is an important step in [...]