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I feel constant anger over an ex-boyfriend who I recently broke up with-2 months ago-because of our toxic relationship, where I felt used and taken advantage of. He would always say the most beautiful things and do something contradictory. I thought he was my soul mate and would excuse the fallacy in our relationship as [...]

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No one likes me. I am going nowhere in life. My grades aren’t good enough to get into a good school. I’m stupid. I’m not pretty. Guys don’t like me. I want to kill myself! I’ve had enough of high school cruelty. What do I do?
I am worried about you; you seem to have a [...]

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I am in a real dilemma. I cut my wrists at night and cry myself to sleep thinking about suicide. I have a friend to talk to but they recently said my problems were too much for them, they are now in counseling and I do not have a good enough relationship with my parents [...]