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This girl just cant stop hating me. I guess you could say Im part of the popular group and she’s not. Last term she called me things like slut, weirdo, bitch and would gossip about me and I stood up for myself and called her names as well and then I told the teacher. After [...]

Where can I go in Houston? I get bullied by my brother and younger sister. My mom doesn’t support me and I just want to leave, run and never return. I’m16. What do I do? Talking to her isn’t an option.
I am so sorry you are being bullied. That is awful.
I know that it [...]

I have been getting bullied and wanted to share my feelings with my brother, but he tells me “tough luck” rather than helping me. Why would he even say that?
I am sorry you are being bullied. I wish your brother would have been more supportive. I wish everyone would be more supportive.
Dismissing someone who [...]

There is this girl at my school who has been bullying other students for the last few days. Today I became her next victim. I was standing up for a male student whom she was harassing non-stop. I try to help and console the male student and the bully comes up to [...]

I have people who get bullied in my life. What should I do?

Being bullied is very painful and I am so happy you are concerned about your friends. That tells me that they have someone on their side that cares about them.
My initial answer is to tell you to be a brave bystander. When [...]

I have an intellectual challenge and people tend to talk down to me and ridicule me and it hurts. I feel like they are treating me like a baby. How can I tell these people to stop making fun of me?

I am sorry that you are experiencing this. You shouldn’t be treated this way.
Having [...]

How do I help my friend who has been bullied?
What a sweet friend you are to ask this question. We could all use a friend like you who cares.
Being bullied is painful and can create feelings of isolation and shame. I am so glad your friend has someone like you to turn to.
In [...]

There are a few peers at my school who are trying to convince me to wear beach-wear to school due to the heat wave, but I do not feel comfortable wearing beach-wear. I do not feel comfortable wearing beach wear because I like to be modest and not be revealing. (I feel that beach-wear [...]

Why does hot weather make people mean towards each other at school? This has been a problem and I feel that it needs to be seriously addressed as at times, me and several others have been targeted for no reason. How can I bring this to my school’s attention?
Hot weather can make people [...]

Why do other people judge short-haired straight girls as boys for no reason?
There are plenty of girls in this world who have short hair that rock the look and they are straight. There are also great short haircuts that lesbian girls and gender benders wear.
I think your issue is that you want to have [...]

How do I deal with an older sibling who is a chronic tattle-tale? He has falsely gotten me into trouble due to his tattling and 99 percent of the time, he has lied in order to have me punished. How can my parents and I confront this issue?

If your parents are aware of the [...]

I’m in 6th grade and 7th and 8th graders keep coming up to me and telling me I’m ugly, etc. My friends won’t help me! What do I do?
How mean! I am so sorry this is happening. You don’t deserve to be treated this way, even if you were the ugliest person in the [...]