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I’m bisexual. I’m almost positive but I have never been with a girl (I’m a girl) and a lot of people think that means I’m not bi or that I don’t actually know. I’m not sure what to do. Am I actually bi? And if I am, how do I show people that I actually [...]

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I’m 17 years old. I’m a female to male transgender. I live in Splendora, Texas. For a while now I’ve been losing all my friends because I’m getting more comfortable with expressing who I am and they aren’t accepting. I want to make new friends like me. Other teens in the LGBT community, but I [...]

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Hi Allie. I’m a 13 year old girl and I really like this girl in my neighborhood and I know she’s bi. I really want to ask her out but I don’t know how. Help?
Have you thought about trying to be her friend first? Lots of romances blossom from friendships. Also, it will give you [...]

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Hi, I like to have sex with men. I’m male 17 years old. No one likes me cuz I’m from Iran. Please help me to find gay club zone in Houston, TX.
Hi. I am sorry that you are not being accepted because you are from Iran. That is sad to me. I hope that changes [...]

Allie I need help….I enjoy dressing Female and it even makes me a happier person. I really don’t enjoy labels but in a sense to help me figure this out I can make an exeption. I really do like dressing, female makeup and all. What do you think? I really don’t know and it bugs [...]

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I’ve never been to a Trans* group before and I’m really scared of what to expect.. I’m FTM but I have yet to even cut my hair and I feel like if there are other trans guys they might judge me for being pre-everything.. I know HATCH meets on Tuesdays but could you please give [...]

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Is it weird to like different people often? Because I often find myself liking so many guys and I feel like a bad word that I’m not going to say…thanks for your help!!
I am sorry you are feeling like a bad word.
The thing is that you are working on finding the qualities in the [...]

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There are no LGBT teens where I live (outskirts of Houston). How do I get a girlfriend?
Living in an area where the LGBT community is not represented makes it so difficult to find to someone and I am sorry about that.
I wish I had a magic train that would pick you up and bring [...]

I’m 15 from Fort Worth, TX and I have been kicked out for my sexual identity. I currently live with my grandma and it’s a full house. There are 3 bedrooms and 7 people, including me, living here and no one works. My parent’s house isn’t a safe place for me. I don’t know where [...]

I’m in college and I have been living with my best friend for 6 months. We slept and cuddle in the same bed and had sex multiple times, though it
never became regular. We split at the end of spring because he said he was straight after all this time. I know I have to move [...]

I’m a transgender male in a female body. I’ve known my entire life, and I’ve hid it from everyone I’ve ever known. I just came out to my boyfriend, but I’m scared to tell my aunt, because I’m scared she’ll hate me, beat me, or even kick me out. I may be able to tell [...]

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I told a close friend of mine, I liked him, which also “outed” me to him. I’m twenty in college and don’t have anywhere near as much experience with this sort of thing, and he’s a year younger, virginal more than likely and, as was made more than apparent, straight. I’ve been trying to talk [...]